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Rentierschlitten mit dem Weihnachtsmann am Nachthimmel.

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Freitag, den 25.12.2020. Weihnachtsmann zum Bild Rentierschlitten   Bewertung: 5 ★★★★★  Keine Homepage

It is one of Theodor Storm's most beautiful Christmas poems.

Sorry, I can't translate it properly.

From heaven to the deepest chasms
A mild star laughs down;
Fragrances rise from the fir forest
And breathe through the winter breezes
and the night becomes candlelight.

My heart is so frightened
This is the lovely Christmas season!
I hear church bells in the distance
Tempt me to be at home
In fairytale glory.

A pious spell holds me again
I have to stand adoring and astonished;
It sinks on my eyelids
A golden childhood dream come down,
I feel a miracle has happened.

Christmas carol by Theodor Storm

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